chivalry is NOT dead.

i was not in the best mood yesterday as i made my way through the icky rain to my photography class. it had been rainy & gross all day long, my knee was (still is) hurting pretty badly, and the people here drive like complete & total idiots when it rains. i was five minutes late to class thanks to said idiots.

anyway, my mood got a little bit worse when i saw the puddles & mud in my path on the way to class. i saw two guys walking toward me on the sidewalk, and i scooted over to the muddy grass. and then the most wonderful thing happened.

they both protested, vehemently, might i add, my walking in the mud. they said, “you get back on that sidewalk and let us walk in the mud. you’re a lady!” the most surprising part of it was that they looked to be about 23 years old.


need i mention how much my mood changed after that? further proof in my belief that it only takes one little thing to brighten someone’s day. whenever i’m out & about, i’m always nice and thankful to people. you never know what kind of day someone is having. they might be having the most crap-tastic day, and a simple smile and a “thank you! have a good day!” are all they need.

anyway, my point is that people are all about themselves these days (i’m not saying that i’m perfect, because i can be pretty damn selfish). back in the day, a gentleman would lay his jacket over a puddle so a lady wouldn’t have to walk through it. it’s not often nowadays that you’d see two young men insist that a girl walk on the sidewalk while they trudge through the mud. most would just keep their head down and walk on by.

anyway, it might not mean much to the average person, but it really brightened my day and made me feel special. chivalry is decidedly not dead. 🙂


hearing: my morning jacket. the song is “touch me i’m going to scream pt. 2” from the album evil urges. it’s a great album. i highly recommend picking it up.

seeing: a lot of people reading, studying, typing away on their laptops.

feeling: cold! it’s gray out, and it makes me *not* want to workout later.

smelling: coffee. and occasional whiffs of my perfume, stella nude.

tasting: my grande nonfat mocha. yum.


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