ten things i love…tuesday.

i know this is late, but i have good reason. the internet at the cabin where we stayed this past weekend went out on saturday. *shrug* not a big deal, b/c it was supposed to be fun times spent with friends. and it was! we had an amazing time… but that’s for a later post. i want to do this right now! here’s what i’m in love with this week:

1. elvis presley. i’ve always considered him a little cheesy and mainstream (if you know me, you know i automatically don’t like anything that everybody else likes–and it’s NOT on purpose! it’s a weird thing that somehow automatically happens…) anyway, i love elvis’s movies. the reason i thought of this is the fac that right this very moment, i’m watching “spinout”. of course it has elvis, but it also has deborah walley, who played gidget in “gidget goes hawaiian”, which is one of my most favorite movies. that’s her playing drums behind the man himself.

2. oh my gosh, i want this so badly.

we heart it

3. cloud-shaped marshmallows! all weekend, i wanted some hot chocolate. skiing and snow doesn’t seem right without hot chocolate, right? and now that we’re home it’s all mild and almost warm, so it doesn’t feel right to drink hot chocolate. but as soon as we have our next cold snap… 🙂

4. lovely, frilly, floaty, fluffy…

5. isn’t this the coolest bed you’ve ever seen? i bet you could even customize it. love it!

6. sparkly, blingy shoes. i especially like the flats near the middle and the gold heels.

7. this is such an amazing and wonderful idea.

8. yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy! not only do these sweeties look deliciously fattening and just damn good, but i love all the pretty pastel colors. i used to shy away from pastels in favor of bold colors, but now i love them. along with bold colors.

9. i love my husband so much. no matter what happens, when we argue or disagree, we always come back together still completely in love. whenever i have an emotional breakdown, he puts me in my place. he doesn’t coddle me, even though i think i want sympathy or comfort, but the not coddling thing? it seems to work, whether i like it or not. ❤

10. SNOW!!! i loved being in the snow this weekend! it’s only the third time i’ve seen really real snow in my life (one of the times i was so young that i can’t really remember now). i love snow and all the fun snowy activities and warm clothes.


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