we’re here!

it was a fun, anxiety-causing, scary, hilarious drive. but we made it! i think it took us a little over five hours to get here (“here” is beech mountain in boone, nc, by the way), but it really wasn’t that bad of a drive…until we got to the place to find the house. we got all turned around and it’s icy & snowy & scary. scary to someone like me who’s seen real snow TWICE in my life, and never on a steep mountain!

so here we are at beech mountain. we made a quick stop for some beers (rogue dead guy ale was my pick for the night). the guys are screwing around with the snowboards right now. i’m watching what not to wear. we’re staying in a really cute three-bedroom cabin called the red rooster inn.  here’s a pic of the living room:

right this very minute, i'm sitting in the left corner of the right-hand couch!

i’ve been looking around on the resort website since we arrived, and i’m not afraid to say that i’m scared! look at this ski lift:


and see this?

this will most definitely *not* be me

it’s completely dark outside (duh, it’s 1:16am), but from the pictures i’ve seen, it looks really beautiful.

personally, i hope to be doing more of this. this is more my speed. 😉


i’ll be updating with pictures and stories!


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