my eyebrows hurt.

i got my eyebrows waxed today. it had been a while since the last time i’d gotten them done. i’m pretty sure the tagalog-speaking ladies were tittering about my eyenests, i mean eyebrows. now, i’m no expert in tagalog, but i’m fairly certain their conversation went something like this…

lady #1:  will you take a look at this yeti in my chair?!

lady #2:  yeesh. you might need to break out the heavy duty tweezers for this one.

lady #1:  i’m thinking i might actually need the power mower.

lady #2:  oy vey, she’s using up all the damn wax!

lady #1: i know, right? i’m going to have to charge her double, and give her change back in all one dollar bills, in order to ensure that she gives me a tip.

lady #2: good idea. don’t be gentle, either. she needs to learn a lesson about not going so long between waxes.

lady #1: psh. don’t worry about that. i’m definitely not being gentle…


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