things i love sunday…on monday

i meant to do this last night, but i didn’t get a chance b/c i started to feel sick. so here it is, a day late! ten things i love this week…

1. my new hat from urban outfitters

2. sushi sunday!

3. adorning gifts with rhinestone brooches–how pretty is this?

via {this is glamorous}

4. i want to paint my bathroom with black & white stripes. it looks so french!

5. thinking of the *perfect* christmas gift at the almost-last-minute!

6. tiffany & co’s beautiful christmas advertisements

7. pretty cake pops! learn how to make them here.

8. cary ann hearst. she’s insanely talented. and gorgeous, to boot! i’m especially addicted to her song “pocahontas“.  (<—click to listen)

9. this illustration, but i can’t remember where i found it! if you recognize it, let me know!10. i can’t remember where i found this either, but it reminds me of mr. darcy. i wish my hubby would dress like this!

so that’s what i’m in love with this week! i hope everybody has a very merry christmas. the hubster & i just bought our plane tickets to go to texas the other day. 🙂  we thought we weren’t going to be able to make it down there this year, but some things worked out, and we are able to after all!


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