my sis & i are famous for making up our own words for things, or just naming things in general. for example, our cars. mine is skipper & hers is gilligan (we bought them within a couple of weeks of each other).  we have lots of nicknames for each other. you already know that her name here on my blog is foxycleopatra. it was something she chose out of her head one day–the first thing she said–and i made her keep it. we also started calling each other butch & sundance, but neither one of us wanted to be called “butch”, so i came up with a new one instead, but now i can’t remember what it was! dang it.  we also like to make up our own words, usually by accident. the other day we were in the car, and i was somewhere between saying the s-word, the f-word, and god knows what else. what ended up coming out was “shark” (don’t ask). so that’s our new curse word. ha.

there are lots of things we’ve renamed over the years. one of our favorite shows when we were little was “the cosby show”, but we called it “cosby kids”.  we called “perfect strangers” balki. and i’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned how we call starbucks “warbucks” thanks to our nana.

anyway, my point is that it’s fun. that’s pretty much it. haha.

today we came down to georgia (the savannah area) for our cousin michael’s wedding to his lovely fiancee (now wife), macon. i’ll be posting pictures soonly. it was a lovely wedding, and macon was a beautiful bride! we decided to stay in georgia for the night so we could go out in savannah. we may be going for karaoke, or maybe just to a random bar. who knows?

pictures in a couple of days!


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