scarf swap!

i was right. the scarf swap was so much fun!  🙂 to be honest, i’d almost completely forgotten to be on the lookout for my scarf in the mail. i just happened to check the mail on our way out the door to a concert saturday night, and just what did i find there? my new scarf from my swap partner, paige!  so i threw it around my neck, & it made my boring outfit way cuter. it’s so cute– a pretty maroonish color with a very subtle pattern. if only i’d had my camera with me! i did remember to take a quick snapshot on my way out the door when i wore it to school yesterday.


it’s a lucky thing i remembered it yesterday, too! it got pretty windy and verrry rainy when the hubster & i went downtown for a quick trip to urban & then the mellow mushroom for lunch. so my scarf swap partner pagie is mega cool. go check out her blog & see the pretty pictures from her beautiful wedding, and posts of her cutie pie niece. 🙂

while i was visiting her blog, i found this, and me being me, i just couldn’t resist:

one letter at a time…

A–age: i’m 28, and i’m staying that way til i turn 30.

B–bed size: king. that’s why we let the dogs sneak into bed with us.

C–chore you hate: LAUNDRY. i hate, loathe, despise, and abominate laundry.

D–dog’s name:  axl and lola

E–essential start-your-day item:  coffee!

F–favorite color:  i love pink.

G–gold or silver or platinum:  platinum, please.

H–height:  5’3″ (i’m rounding up…heh…)

I–instruments you play:  piano & guitar. you didn’t say i had to play them *well* did you? b/c i definitely could use some guitar lessons…

J–job title:  full time student. i’m looking for some part-time work, though. my original plan after quitting real estate was to substitute teach, but how can i get up at 5am when i can’t even sleep at night?

K–kid(s):  none, thanks. maybe one day, but right now, no. we’ll stick with furbabies.

L–living arrangements:  my dogs own a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home in lovely south carolina, and they allow us to live with them. bless their little hearts.

M–mom’s name:  lisa (same as paige! funny!)

N–nickname(s):  tiff, tiffy, flossy mae (that one’s my papaw’s creation)

O–overnight hospital stay other than birth:  umm…i guess when i was little & had kidney problems. i think i was two.

P–pet peeve:  ignorance.

Q–quote from a movie:  “letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness.”  ~marie antoinette

R–righty or lefty:  righty

S–siblings:  one sister, foxycleopatra. and a brother-in-law (the hubster’s brother).

T–time you wake up:  on mon/wed/fri, i get up at 8:30am for school. tues/thurs i get up whenever i feel like it. i don’t have school til 6pm those days.

U–underwear:  victoria’s secret. today they’re an apricot color with tiny white scrolls all around.

V–vegetable you dislike:  i really love vegetables. i suppose the one i like the least would be cauliflower.

W–ways you run late:  thinking i need less time than i actually do, hitting snooze, waiting on the hubster, forgetting stuff…

X–x-rays you’ve had:  lungs, knee, teeth…i think that’s all.

Y–yummy food you make:  the last thing i made that was really yummy was a chicken soup with pastina. it had a really zingy lemony flavor with spinach and feta, and it’s fairly easy, as it’s made with a rotisserie chicken.

Z–zoo favorite: gorillas & other monkeys. they’re so much fun to watch!! gorillas just look like really furry people when they move around and make gestures & stuff. so fun.

download this:  “angel from montgomery” by john prine (not sung by bonnie raitt. sung by john prine.)  i’ve been listening to this song a lot lately for some reason. then i remembered kristen stewart sings it in “into the wild,” and she does a really good job. it’s a great song.

today’s fave etsy item:  mr. & mrs. scatter pillows by idotakeu. there’ve been so many weddings lately, i figured a wedding-themed item would be good. wouldn’t this be a cute wedding gift? hmm…i’ve another one to attend this saturday… 😉



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