where are you, fall?!

we’re supposed to reach record highs today. it’s going to be around 90 degrees fahrenheit. yowza. where is our pretty fall weather? i just want to wear my scarves and boots, for crying out loud!

friday five

hearing: “apeman” by the kinks (classic!)

seeing: a lovely, curvy lady evoking bettie page with her pretty curls & short bangs & a flower in her hair.

tasting: a pumpkin muffin & coffee…see? *i* can be autumn-like. why can’t the weather?

feeling: warm sunshine on my back.

smelling: someone’s perfume. not sure what it is.

tonight is dinner with our good friends & their two little boys. after the kiddos are in bed, the wine & conversation will flow. maybe a game of hearts or something. good times. 🙂

download this:  “the big mistake” by the inlaws. they’re a local band made up of some of my favorite local musicians. their record release was last saturday, and it was great. i can’t stop listening to the album.

today’s favorite etsy item:  a valentine that the hubster would most definitely give to me, by owlypuppetshadows



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