my ten things.

my pal lindsay was inspired by another friend to write up a list of ten things she wants to do in her lifetime, and has challenged others to do the same. so, without further ado, here i go…

one. i want to travel the world. this is a huge dream of the hubster’s & mine. it would be so amazing to see every major city, but that’s a quite lofty aspiration when you have limited fundage! our must-sees are: paris, london (& the english countryside), scotland, ireland, amsterdam, barcelona, italy (rome, venice, tuscany…), greece, morocco, austria, germany, switzerland (i’ve been to those last three, & i want to share the beautiful places i saw with my hubby now!), thailand, japan, australia, new zealand, south africa… & there are *so* many more.

two. finish my bachelor’s degree, & i’m well on my way to this one. fall semester starts monday! a bit nervous, a lot excited, i’m taking astronomy 102 (stellar), western civ (up to the 1600s), art history 108 (renaissance through modern), and drawing 1. the most exciting part about this semester is that i’m actually starting to take classes that have to do with my major, which is studio arts. 🙂  spring semester will entail my first photography class, and mayhaps my first painting class! it hasn’t escaped my notice that exactly ten years ago i was moving into the dorms at college of charleston… but i wouldn’t change a single thing about my life. i’m happy that i’m able to finish my degree as an adult, knowing myself much better than i did ten years ago, & extremely happy & excited to be learning about things that i truly love.

three. sell a piece of my own artwork.

four. take our niece to disney world! it’s truly a magical, happy place, but i think it will be even more fun & exciting taking a kid there for the first time. she just turned six, so she’s finally at that age where she’ll enjoy & maybe even remember it. 🙂

five.  have my whole house decorated by myself. there are *so* many things i want to do to my house, but i don’t really have the resources. for one, we’re always spending money doing other fun things. and right now, we’re saving up for two big trips. but now that i know myself better & know my tastes in things like fashion, art, & decor, i can’t wait to make my house look exactly like i want. this probably won’t actually happen til the next time we move, though, b/c we won’t be in this house forever, & it needs to stay pretty neutral so we won’t have to do tons of work on it whenever we decide to sell it.

six. teach someone something significant.

seven. learn how to play the guitar well. i mean, i know the basics, because the hubster & i took lessons when we lived in virginia. but i can’t even make a chord without looking at the strings & a book.

eight. lose all the weight i’ve gained (& then lost & then gained & then lost, etc) since we’ve been married. seriously ridiculous.

nine. actually sit down & have that big talk. i’m not going to say “have babies”, because we honestly still don’t know if we want to, & we’re both completely fine with that right now. i’m only 28 (er…and three-quarters…), so we’ve got a few years to figure it out. but one day we’ll actually have a serious talk about it without dissolving into teasing & giggles & “ewwwwww”s. (yeah, so we’re still kind of immature at heart. nothing wrong with that.)

ten. open a coffee shop. this is my latest dream. our five-year plan *may* include moving elsewhere, but if it doesn’t end up being so, then my ten-year plan includes opening up an ubercool coffee shop. there isn’t anyplace cool in summerville to go. there’s nothing for us younger people to do here. and there’s especially nowhere for teenagers to hang out. so i seriously want to open up a coffee shop with comfy sofas & chairs, huge floor pillows, fairy lights, free-trade coffee, homemade snacks, cool music, and awesome art on the walls. i’d allow members of the community to hang their art on the walls & advertise them & hopefully sell them. and we’d be open late so there’d be somewhere to go after the bars close. i’m fully aware that it would take a *lot* of work, time, & funding. but i think it would be awesome.

so there’s my list of ten things to accomplish before i die. what’s yours?



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