two lists.

things that suck

*sneezing right after i put on my mascara, giving me racoon eyes

*muffin top–HAVE to get in shape before the january cruise!

*some of the photos i had printed didn’t turn out that well, & i’m rethinking showing them at the art show on friday…

*um, the fact that AXL JUST BIT ME!!! i was trying to give him a piece of pickle, & he just bit the crud out of my fingers.

*my legs are starting to peel. grrrosssss.

*my tummy feeling weird all day today

things that don’t suck

*my new hair color!

*dollar night at the bowling alley with great friends

*watching “king of the hill” at night

*i wanted a grilled cheese, but thought we didn’t have any cheese. then when i looked in the fridge i found a whole, brand new pack of provolone! mmm.

*the fact that MY BEST FRIEND CANDACE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! therefore, i’m going to be an aunt! 🙂

download this:  she moves in her own way by the kooks. i absolutely adore the kooks. they’re so awesome, & their accents are swoon-worthy. while you’re at it, check out the rest of their music!

today’s fave etsy item:  zipper brooches by designer playground. check out the shop. there’s a lot of really cool, unique stuff there! even some bracelets made from zippers, and some really cool t-shirts & bags. all very affordable!



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