photography site

i made a new website portfolio for my photography today. it took me forever, and i even bought a domain name for it, but i can’t figure the dang thing out. *grumble*

anyway, the reason i started the new site is because of this thing going on here called trade pandemic. it’s a “homegrown art collective” that’s going to be held at the music farm on august 21st. they’re looking for all sorts of artists to submit work to be considered. i bit the bullet and did it, even though i am extremely self-conscious about *all* of my artwork. i figured photography is my best form right now, even though i’m an amateur. but who knows? maybe somebody out there will fall in love with my style.  i’ll let you know if i hear anything back. it’d be really cool to be chosen for this, but i’m not holding my breath. there is SO MUCH talent in this town, dudes, and i’m intimidated.

here’s the link, just click on it:  tiff’s photography


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