i need your help!

i’ve been setting up my makeshift vanity for about a month now. i still don’t have it exactly how i want it, but it will do until i get my supercool vintage vanity one day (i’d love one in the style of louis xv or xvi).  anyway, i need everybody’s help.  claudia from the paris apartment is looking for photographs of vanities. she’s putting them all together in a book to be called “vanity for humanity”, and the proceeds will benefit habitat for humanity.  i took all these pics & edited them & now i need you to help me decide which to send to her.










which of these photos is most pleasing to your eye? please, please vote by leaving a comment here (just say “i love the fourth one” or whatever).  this is important to me! my photograph could be printed in a beautiful book that will help people build houses for those less fortunate than ourselves.  thanks in advance for your help, friends!

do you like the adorable hot pink bird? i made him myself! 🙂  i picked up this ugly little ceramic bird from goodwill yesterday and lacquered him down with a whole lot of hot pink gloss spray paint. i LOVE him. i’m doing a bunch of other projects right now (waiting for spray paint to dry as we speak…) & i’ll post those cool things once i’m finished. other “found” items on my vanity include:

*damask mousepad for added beauty underneath my perfume bottles

*teapot mom gave me for christmas, which i’m currently using as a beautiful vase

*antique silver cream & sugar set foxycleopatra gave me for christmas, which holds my makeup, costume jewelry rings, & a single purple flower

*glass vase used as a home for all my pretty bracelets

*all of the artwork surrounding the mirror is done by yours truly

*the mirror was found at target for only $19.99!

*i think i got that pink & white picture frame from tj maxx–i’ve had it for a couple of years now.

*the silver brush/comb/mirror set was a prize my mom bought me when we went to north carolina last year. i’ve always wanted a pretty set like this! i love it.



  1. Definitely the last one with the perfume bottles…it’s what a vanity is all about! plus the hint of purple from the flowers really sets it off.

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