coffee is my boyfriend.

i know, i know, it’s been a while since i’ve blogged. longer than i normally go without blogging here, anyway. i had a very stressful week last week, and i got a little depressed as a result. i won’t go into details, but i’m doing much better today. whenever i feel depressed, i do a lot of deep thinking (a LOT).  it usually takes something very small, yet somehow significant to me, to pull me back up to my normal, happy, creative self. 

this time it was this picture: 

2c5bb4564b6e17f018f9c8e29083a39df7f74a75_mweird, right? such a simple picture, with a simple message. but maybe it was the simplicity of it that spoke to me.  *shrug*  i took it literally. 

anyway, i’m back now. had astronomy class today. got a lot accomplished. regular lecture, then had to borrow someone’s notes b/c i missed last monday’s class, and then we had lab, which only lasted an hour. the bad part is that my prof needs to have hip replacement surgery, but he is the only one who can teach our class. the department head decided he’d rather have him around for fall semester than the rest of summer semester. we only have like three weeks left, so he’s probably going to record our lessons on video & have us watch them in the library at our convenience. sounds okay to me!  i’m taking astronomy 102 in the fall, so i’d rather have him healthy for that too. lol.

i’ve already registered for my fall classes. so starting august 24th, i’ll have:

monday, wednesday, friday: astronomy 102 from 10:20-11:15am,  western civ from 11:30-12:25, and astronomy lab on mondays from 3-6pm. so i’ll have a whole almost three hours to waste between western civ & lab on mondays, which means lots of time at either starbucks or the library.  

on tuesdays and thursdays, i’ll have my drawing class from 1-something pm til 4 something pm. it’s both a lecture & practice. 

i’ll also be taking my second art history class (yayyy!) online. 

by the way, i don’t think i’ve mentioned that i had my first astronomy test. i got a 97! hooray for me! we’re having our second one this wednesday. i’m a little less confident about this test, as there is more material covered in less time. and it’s stuff dealing with relativity & stuff. eek.

so willy’s dad has been in town for the last couple of weeks. they’re building a garage at my mom & dad’s house. it’s coming along quite nicely. i think today they’re supposed to start putting the roofing stuff on. but it just started to sprinkle outside, so i’m not so sure. i’m in north charleston, and mom & dad’s house is in summerville, (OOH, I JUST SAW LIGHTNING!)  so it may not be raining there yet.  but now that there’s lightning, i certainly hope they’re not on that roof!  i need to get off of here & get home before the storm really starts. i love to sit on my front porch when it’s storming. i love the sound of the rain & thunder, & i love lightning. it’s so cool to me. i don’t understand why some people are afraid of storms. i’ve lived through 238472908374928734 hurricanes, you know. okay, so maybe not quite that many, but i’ve lived through the very huge one, hurricane hugo in 1989. it came on my mom’s 30th birthday! how crazy is that?  

so i need to leave starbucks now & get home. driving in heavy rain & lightning during rush hour does not sound one bit appealing to me. 

download this: poison ivy, because it’s playing in my starbucks right now.


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