crazy eights.


8 things I am looking forward to:
1.  seeing our Texas family in July at the family reunion in Oklahoma
2.  playing on my brand new slip ‘n slide that someone left on my doorstep yesterday! (i have yet to figure out who it was…)
3.  urban outfitters & the mellow mushroom (mmmm, spinach & mushroom calzone…) during foxycleopatra’s & my trip downtown tomorrow.
4.  seeing steven fiore & owen beverly play at redux contemporary art center on july 3rd.
5.  finishing all this stupid laundry (i hate, loathe, despise, & abominate hanging/folding laundry!)
6.  starting my drawing and photography classes.
7.  nanowrimo.
8.  seeing new moon in november!

8 things I did yesterday:
1.  forced myself out of bed to go to class.
2.  had a review in astronomy class & got out an hour early.
3.  sat in my car with my laptop til time for lab, which was cancelled anyway…
4.  went to starbucks and had an iced coffee with hazelnut & nonfat milk.
5.  went to barnes & noble, where i bought some new moleskines.
6.  came home and drew while listening to alex jones on itunes.
7.  went to moe mondays & had a yummy burrito.
8.  went to the devil’s lair (aka WALMART) for a few things–i needed soap, deodorant, and caffeine-free diet dr. pepper. they had none of these. NONE. 

8 things I wish I could do:
1.  lose weight without trying.
2.  screenprinting (i’m contemplating a class on this @ redux)
3.  have go-go-gadget arms so i can reach things (i’m short…)
4.  be less paranoid.
5.  play guitar well.
6.  travel the globe with endless funding!
7.  not be a messy person (i used to be very good at not being messy!)
8.  make my house look all cute & bohemian & artsy.

8 shows I watch:
1.  jeopardy!
2.  the office
3.  30 rock
4.  no reservations
5.  true blood
6.  desperate housewives
7.  futurama
8.  arrested development (on dvd, of course. oh, how i wish they’d bring it back!)

now i have to tag eight people, so if you are listed below…TAG, YOU’RE IT!!!



*lindsay writing

*wendy’s word


*the marq family




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