worldwide projects.

there are some really cool projects going on that i want to be a part of. for example, there is the disposable memory project. this is amazingly cool! all these disposable cameras get dropped in random places around the world (with instructions, etc) and people take pictures. once the camera is full, the last person mails it home. i’ve sent an email to them requesting a packet of info, so i will share with you once i receive. for the time being, visit the website and consider starting a cool project. 

i’ve read about a similar project, but with art journals. i’ve considered starting one myself, and now i think i might do it soon. here’s what you do:  buy a moleskine, or some other journal with blank pages. on the first page, write an introduction with instructions. the first entry will be yours.  (i think i’m going to start one with favorite quotes. so i’d decorate the page and add my quote in.) then you leave it in a random place for someone to find and add to it. if you want the journal back once it’s completed, add a label with your address & instructions for the last artist to send it back to you. a variation on this that i might also do is to take a picture of some obscure thing where you live, and journal about it. then send it to a friend who lives far away, who sends it to another friend who lives far away, etc. etc. etc…. again, the last person would send it back to you. what a cool way to get to know people/places, right?!

anyway, i just wanted to share these neat projects. i hope i’ve inspired you to start your own little global project. have a wonderful day!

download this:  i’ve been thinking by handsome boy modeling school (featuring cat power)

today’s fave etsy item:  6 Piece Baby Pom Mobile  by pom love.  okay, so i know it says “baby” mobile, but I want it for myself! i mean, who doesn’t love a pom pom? they also do custom ones where you choose your own colors. so fun!



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