thankful thursdays

today i’m thankful that i am loved and safe. 

for the past few days, i’ve seen so much hatred and violence that it makes my insides ache.  

yesterday, an 88-year-old man went into the holocaust memorial museum in washington, dc and shot two people. one man died. the shooter is in the hospital, apparently.  

i cannot fathom how this person held on to all this hatred for his entire life, waiting, biding his time until he was nearing the end, and he walks into this place and just starts shooting. 

i’ve been to the holocaust memorial museum. it is an extremely emotional, moving experience. i’ve also been to an actual concentration camp in germany (dachau). i can’t even begin to relate to you the experience of physically walking through the gas chambers and kilns in which so many people were brutally murdered. 

i don’t understand how anyone could see these things and not feel immense regret and sorrow for the things that have happened, not only to the jews or polish or gypsies during world war two, but in other wars or situations as well. 

i don’t understand how any person could think they are better than anyone else. NO ONE is better than anyone else. sure, some people make bad decisions, but that doesn’t mean that you are better than they are. 

i hate white supremacy. i hate any sort of supremacy. i hate when any race thinks that their race is above any other. 

right now, we’re watching the movie gran torino, and it is making me cry. watch it. amazing. 

so that’s my piece for this week.


One comment

  1. I’m thankful that you’re keeping thankful for going while I’m on hiatus.

    You’re a really great person, Tifftastic. I love you sister.

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