dingos ate my ipod!

that’s the title of the playlist i made today. i’ve decided today that i’m going to start referring to the rabid, wild children in our neighborhood as dingos.  

since these stupid dingos took my ipod, i’ve been missing listening to really good music in the car. when it’s nice out, i love to roll the windows down in the car & crank the tunes.  it puts me in an incredible mood, especially when “nothing to worry about” is playing–it reminds me that i have not a worry in the world, really. sort of like crowfield’s “what makes you think you’re sad”, which reminds us that no matter what we are going through, there are many others who are far, far worse off. so really, in theory, we should never be sad or worried, b/c there are an awful lot of people in this world who would love to be in our shoes.  🙂  

/rambling musings.

so anyway, i burned this playlist that i made this morning to a cd so i could have some amazing music to blare while driving down the interstate to school with the windows down. i want to share it with the world, b/c it truly put me in an even better mood this morning (which, to begin with, was already pretty great). 

here it is, my playlist entitled :   DINGOS ATE MY IPOD!   <—click on this link to listen to playlist in its entirety.

1.  legs & scars by tent revival

2.  american boy by estelle, featuring kanye west

3.  just a boy by angus & julia stone

4.   flashing red light means go by the boxer rebellion

5.   dear chicago by ryan adams

6.  minerva by the deftones

7.  satellite skin by modest mouse

8.  tuesday afternoon (forever afternoon) by the moody blues & london festival orchestra

9.  absolom by owen beverly

10.  nothing to worry about by peter bjorn & john

11. 15 step by radiohead

12. hammond song by the roches

13. cumbersome by seven mary three

14. possession by sarah mclachlan

15. fitz & the dizzyspells by andrew bird

there you have it. a wonderful cd playlist pour vous (that’s fancyspeak for “for you”).

enjoy your lovely day, and remember that life is amazingly wonderously beautiful! 

(especially when we have goodness like this to ogle: )


sorry, i couldn't help myself...

sorry, i couldn't help myself...

download this:  every song above! duh.

today’s fave etsy item:  keep on rockin’ necklace by dindi


...in the free world.  (in case you didn't know, that's an amazing neil young song.)

...in the free world. (in case you didn't know, that's an amazing neil young song.)


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