i had no clue.


tim burton is making alice in wonderland.

can you imagine how awesome this movie is going to be?!

just look at the cast!

alice: mia wasikowska (not sure who she is…)

the mad hatter:  johnny depp

the red queen:  helena bonham carter

the white queen:  anne hathaway

the white rabbit: michael sheen (he’s also playing aro in new moon!)

the caterpillar: alan rickman (LOVE him)

the knave of hearts: crispin glover

the cheshire cat:  stephen fry

AUGH! i cannot wait for this movie to come out. 2010 is when it will be released. siiigh. 

also, since it’s animated (and suppsed to be 3D, btw), the actors will obviously just be supplying the voices. but still. alan rickman as the caterpillar? johnny depp as the mad hatter?! helena bonham carter as the red queen! amazing casting. (yes, i realize that johnny depp and helena bonham carter are in most of tim’s movies. but he can’t help it if they are both amazing actors!)

okay.  /fangirliness.

i’m babysitting all week. nothing like having a five-year-old give you the running commentary on spiderman

download this:  since i just did this yesterday, and i don’t want to take the song off the playlist yet, i’m sticking with fever dream by iron & wine.

today’s fave etsy item:  lunarra star has lots of cute alice in wonderland (and other)  jewelry. 🙂

alice in wonderland ring

alice necklace


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