thankful for thursdays.

this week, i am going to be totally frivolous and be thankful that the grocery store by our house has caffeine free diet dr. pepper. 🙂

this makes me insanely happy. 

yesterday, the hubster and i were on our way to the movies (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND STAR TREK, BY THE WAY. AMAZING!) and i was really shaky. i had just eaten a snack of triscuits & hummus, so i didn’t think my sugar could be low. so i thought about it, and i came to the conclusion that i’d had too much caffeine. i’m pretty sure i’ve made it obvious what a coffee maniac i am. yesterday, i had two big mugs full of coffee. and willy insists that i make it too strong. i lurve bold coffee. i’m not fond of coffee-flavored water, though i suppose that’s essentially what coffee is. ha.

eeeeeenyway, yeah, my conclusion was that i had too much caffeine. after the movie, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things, and i threw in a thingy of half-caff folgers (even though i really prefer to get my beans from starbucks. yes, i know. groan all you want. but i just like it better.) and a case of caffeine-free diet dr. peppers. 😀

lurve. i’m even having a diet dp right now. and it’s 9:59pm! living on the edge, i am. oh, but wait!

it’s caffeine-free!

i can drink it all night if i want to.  hee. 

another thing i am thankful for today is these adorable boys: 


zachary quinto & chris pine. guuuuuhhhhhhh.

zachary quinto & chris pine. guuuuuhhhhhhh.

oh wait, wrong picture!!! but let’s just stop and drool a sec……

okay, here’s the real picture i meant to put up. i’m thankful for these adorable boys:

logan & collin


the hubster & i are babysitting tonight while our friends are at a sugarland concert. we love these kids like they were our own nephews! we’ve been friends with their mom & dad since just before they found out they were having the older one. it’s been so much fun to watch them grow and learn. they’re so fun, yet well-behaved. two amazing kids. 🙂

download this:  exit music (for a film) by radiohead.  i love this song so much. i don’t know if i’ve recommended it before, but if i have, good. it’s that awesome. i have it on my favorites, nighty night, and writing playlists. very soothing/mellow/beautiful. 

today’s fave etsy item:  Isn’t It Romantic Gown by 13bees.  I can just see Elizabeth Taylor wearing this in Giant. Can’t you? le siiiigghhhhhhh…


so gorgeous!

so gorgeous!





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