the working title’s “bone island”–absolutely amazing.

if you will recall, i was extremely excited all last week to attend local band the working title‘s cd release party saturday night. 

i was not disappointed. the show proved to be just as incredible as i had expected. 

i very highly recommend, nay, DEMAND that you download the new album, “bone island.”  or at least go to the working title’s website or myspace and sample some of the delectable awesome that is “bone island.”  

the opening song on the new album is “physical love”.  i can’t even begin to do it justice with my humble words, but i did find a review by someone else that made me nod my head in fervent agreement:

Bone Island begins with the laid-back, lo-fi indie pop of “Physical Love,” a song with ample keyboards, slightly trashy guitars, lusty lyrics and an undeniable hook. As the song progresses, it careens towards clangy but never forsakes the melody. As it finishes, the vocals are carried forward in a vortex of sweat and sound that really is quite remarkable.. It’s a solid opening track and a direction that’s unexpected but perfectly executed. 

amen. with lyrics like “born in the bible belt, nothing gets me hotter than yanking on a belt that’s undone,” i can definitely relate.

after “physical love” come the equally great tracks “dead inside” and “love make me free”.  then we stumble upon the trinity of songs that became my three immediate favorites. i’ve heard all three of these songs live before, and i was delighted to find them on the album. now i can put them on repeat and fangirl them over & over.

“followed” is enchanting–a song you can put on repeat while you lie back and contemplate in the dark. it opens with the sound of falling rain, which immediately evoked an image of sitting on a quiet porch during a charleston thunderstorm. (a local pastime, by the way. we’ve had a lot of thunderstorms lately, during which all of our neighbors seem to wander out to their front porch rocking chairs and just…exist and appreciate.)  after a few seconds of this peaceful sound, haunting organ notes commence, then joel t. hamilton’s crooning, followed by the joining in of drums and guitar to create an ensemble of awesome. this building of emotion culminates in a song full of layers of sound that, in my opinion, is the masterpiece of this album. 

“followed” is, well, followed by a little ditty called “wolf”.  i challenge you to listen to this song without moving. “wolf” opens with a drumbeat that coaxes you into immediate movement–at the very least, finger or toe tapping. when seen live, this song is simply joel hamilton flanked by two drums, a pair of drumsticks, a microphone, and a friend contributing the tinkling of the toy piano. but the energy is so much more. to watch joel hamilton perform this song is more invigorating than all the red bulls, monsters, and rockstars you can toss back in three minutes and thirty-two seconds. hearing it on the album will force you off the couch to jump and jerk and jive around your living room like a spastic lunatic. not that i’ve done that at all….in the last thirty minutes at least…

the last, but certainly not least, in this triumvirate of faves is “arms and thighs,” a beautiful blend of piano, slide guitar, and haunting lyrics. the talented (not to mention beautiful!) stephanie underhill provides accompanying vocals, adding a bewitching quality to this song that would not be were it sung solo. there aren’t enough words to describe how sublimely pleasing “arms and thighs” is to my ears. and hopefully yours. 

one of my other favorites on the album is “someone else”, with which not singing along is nearly impossible, especially when at a live show where joel invites the audience to provide the “oh-oh, oh-oh”s. 

seriously, i can’t say enough good things about “bone island”. so pick it up for yourself. apparently, physical copies of the album were only available at the cd release party, but you can download it on itunes or amazon. physical copies are available for pre-order at, and will be re-released in july. 

in the spirit of levar burton, “you don’t have to take my word for it.”  i implore you to at least hit this little link right here, and listen to some of the songs available for free listening on myspace.

happy listening!

bone island




  1. i second the motion. it’s been on a continuous loop either on itunes on the computer, the cd player in the car, or the ipod in my ears. i swear i started humming during a pass review today.

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