thankful thursday.

it’s thursday again! the weekend is upon us. huzzah!  

you know what thursdays mean–i blog about what i’m thankful for.

this week i’m most thankful for the easy communication that the hubster and i share (aside from the argument we got into at the beginning of the week…heh…), most specifically our witty banter when we are alone together. 

today, i’ve been trying to finish writing my latest chapter, but i’ve been struggling with ADD tendencies all day (ooh, i need to make a list of these ideas; ooh, i need to refresh my coffee; ooh, i need to check twitter; ooh, i should do my fave five on facebook; ooh, i need to post a blog). i asked the hubster for help when he got home, and he read a page of what i’ve written today, then promptly told me he had no clue where to go from there. then he started playing with the dogs, so i moved to the big chair to watch them act all crazy, and to keep my fingers and toes out of biting range.  he went back to bill-paying at the dining room table after a few minutes, and i flipped over and laid on my back. one of the advantages of being short: i can snuggle up sideways quite comfortably in the chair-and-a-half. anyway, i was sort of staring off into space. i noticed the thermostat said it was 76 degrees. then i stared at a spot on the wall while i tried to think of where to take my story from the place i’d left off.  then this happened:

hubster:  hey, you should activate your new phone!

goddess:  i’m too busy right now.

hubster:  oh? is the ceiling that interesting?

goddess: *furrows brow* i was looking at the thermostat.


goddess:  …and studying that print on the wall. i AM an art student.

that’s sort of an in-joke, i guess. much like foxycleopatra has been answering “i’m not a whore” to everything, i’ve resorted to my own catch-all: i AM an art student.

after i swept a category in jeopardy a few weeks ago at mom & dad’s: “it pays to be an art student,” i said, raising both arms in the air.


i also love it when i sing “you’re my thrill” by billie holiday, and i get to the part where she croons, “here’s my heart on a silver platter/where’s my will?”  and the hubster says, “here i am!”  hee.

the hubster and i usually get along famously. our arguments are mostly playful in nature. when we do have serious arguments, we make up pretty quickly. i’m one of those crazy people whose temper escalates in .27 seconds, but then i get over things very quickly. i usually just need five minutes or so to cool off. then i go apologize for being crazy. 

“you knew how crazy i was when you married me,” i tell him.

to which he nods and sighs. “true, true.”

most of our banter is self-deprecating. either that or we’re making fun of each other. for example:

hubster: you only have a crush on that guy because he has long hair and is a musician.

to which i nod and sigh. “true, true.”

at any rate, i’m very proud of our ability to communicate with one another without feeling as though there would be serious consequences for anything we might say. failure to communicate is the #2 reason for divorce. 

i’m not only thankful for the communication thing, but for how good the hubster is to me, period. he’s an amazing man, and i love him so, no matter how many times he uses the living room as a laundry hamper.  😉

download this:  tristes apprets, pales flambeaux from jean phillipe rameau’s “castor et pollux”. absolutely amazing. i love it. so inspiring and beautiful.

today’s fave etsy item:  for kt, a mr. darcy necklace!  by hoolala.


you must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire and love you.

you must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire and love you.


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