things my sister said this morning

foxycleopatra has been in rare form this morning. we’ve been laughing our hineys off. especially b/c jamiecampbellbower’s twitter status this morning said: “may the fourth be with you.”  i loved that. 

then, foxy has this book she bought at urban outfitters the other day called “creative cursing.”  it’s split in half, and you just randomly flip each half to a word, and there you have it. new “curse word.”  my favorites from this morning: “tit lips,” “diaper sniffer,” and “butt gobbler.”

and now a random sampling of my sister’s smartass mouth:

“this is a cool person. they have cool shit.”

“poetry gift basket? our dad’s not gay.”  (said while googling birthday presents for dad)

“vintage stand-up care bears cake pan!”

“that’s what i think of your hugs. i’m putting it on a trash can.”

*gasps and says reverently*:  “return of the jedi scissors. from 1983.”

and a conversation to show you what it’s like to be a fly on the wall of my house….

foxy: you have a piece of sparkle on your face.

goddess: hmm, i saw that in the mirror. i thought i got rid of it.  

foxy, about five minutes later:  you still have the sparkle on your face.

goddess: i don’t know where it came from. i got a bunch of cotton balls out of my travel bag from disney world, so maybe it’s pixie dust. *flaps arms like wings*

foxy, about ten minutes later:  the sparkle is still there! 

goddess:  *rubs face and screams* AUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!  (much like the kid in “david after the dentist”. if you haven’t seen this hilarious youtube video, go here and watch it NOW.)

foxy:  IT’S STILL THERE! *then laughs maniacally.*

goddess: siiiigh. well, it’s much better than having a booger on my face.

foxy:  *gasps* OH MY GOD! the other day, i had queso on my face, and mom was like “you have a booger on your face”, and then i wiped it off and i was like, “um, that’s queso. i’m not a whore.”

foxycleopatra says “i’m not a whore” in response to everything. another example:

goddess: do you have the keys?

foxy: yes, i’m not a whore. 

that actually happened. on the way home from disney world a couple of weeks ago. okay, so now we are getting down to business and actually venturing out of the house to see if we can find anything for dad & nana for their birthdays tomorrow (yes, my nana had my dad on her birthday). hope some of this made you giggle, at least. i know laughing started our day off the right way. 🙂

ETA: upon reading this blog, foxy said, “ZOMG! i forgot how funny i am!”  and then, “*siiigh* i really am FunnyGirl.”


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