i’ve heard some pretty funny things today. so i figured i’d share. 

“that’s so skill!”  ~from a movie i watched at one of my bff’s house

“oh my awesome!”  ~i accidentally said it, but i decided to make it a saying.

“PANTY BANDIT!”  ~that came from my sister’s new “creative cursing” book. it’s made of awesome.

“WHORE PINCHER!” ~another one from said book.

“there’s always vintage dior.”  ~said to me on the phone by my sister. she was talking about how much vintage dior stuff there is on etsy, but it sounded like we were socialites or fashionistas talking about what to wear.

“gross! please don’t talk to me in burps. that’s nasty.”  ~what i just said to my sis.

that’s all i can think of right now, but that movie that the “skill” comment was from was full of gems. it’s called “son of rambow” & it’s a british comedy. & yes, that’s how they spell rambow.

also, i just got wonderful news!  my cousin-in-law proposed to his long-time girlfriend tonight on the beach in miami. how romantic is that?  🙂  i’m so happy for them. my hubster’s cousins are all more like brothers & sisters. they’re all amazing.

AND my sister just reminded me of the song below today. she actually downloaded it the other day. i don’t think i’ve heard it since…like sixth grade at the latest. ha!

yeah, that’s not my download recommend for this post. i just wanted to share, and maybe bring back a few memories for you. 😉

okay, i have to get to writing a little bit. tomorrow, foxycleopatra and i are having a crafting day, and then the bff i watched the movie with today is coming over, and we’re all going to watch “how to be”. i watched it last night, but they haven’t seen it. soooo….sighhhh…..i guess that means i’ll just have to watch it again…i’ll just HAVE to endure another two hours or so of the endearingly dorky, charming AWESOME that is rob pattinson.  here’s the trailer for the movie. it’s really great, in my opinion. but i love independent films. and rob pattinson. and anything british. …and did i mention rob? 

ETA: i’ve decided that i’m going to start switching up my header banner thingy. i’m aware that i’ve done yet another pencil theme, but i am a writer & artist at heart, so there ya go:  witty pencils & colored pencils as my first two themes.  

download this:  “tuesday afternoon” by the moody blues.  it’s an oldie, but an extremely goodie.  as always, click on the link to take you directly to the song. 

today’s fave etsy item:   i laughed VERY loudly when i saw this for the first time. i’m sorry if that offends, moms, but the picture just struck me as hilarious. there’s just this floating baby head!  anyway, it’s called the mama hoodie, and it’s made by wornbyus (a seller who lives in my favorite city ever, by the way–austin, tx).  trust me, i’m not making fun of the product, b/c i actually think it’s ingenius.  it’s just that the pic catches one a little off guard when one is not expecting it…

mama hoodie


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