thankful thursday.

i’m feeling really down & blah today, so i don’t feel like blogging about being thankful. but when i’m in a mood like this is when i especially need to remember the things i am thankful for, and exactly how lucky i am.

today i’m thankful for people who dedicate their time to helping others. it’s something that i feel strongly about. something that i would LOVE to do is join the peace corps. but i’d never just up and leave my hubby and go to far away countries without him. i know that people can join as couples, but he has multiple sclerosis, & therefore can’t join. i know there are many, many ways i can help locally, though. it’s just that i am so deeply saddened and moved whenever i see those commercials about african children… if there was a job where i could just read to little kids in africa all day, i’d do it.  i really need to find ways to volunteer close to home, and help out my actual community. 

i’m not only thankful for people who do good works in other countries (like the peace corps, unicef, etc.) but for local heroes too. obviously there are firemen, policemen, and other rescue workers. there’s also the military (which, yes, i am still thankful for even though i am completely disillusioned and disgusted by what goes on in our military). but what about those unsung heroes who do little things every single day?  the man who works in his local soup kitchen once a week, or a woman who delivers meals on wheels. a teenager who volunteers their time in a retirement home and spends time learning amazing things from the elderly. a teacher who gives up her planning/break time to tutor kids she isn’t even required to teach. a nurse who sits and hand-pumps oxygen into a baby’s lungs for hours while waiting for an ambulance to be ready to take him to a bigger hospital. oh, the shriners! good LORD what would our family do without the shriner’s hospital? my little cousin B (who is now 14…sheesh!) has had so many surgeries there throughout his lifetime. 

there are *so* many people daily who do not just big, but some seemingly insignificant things that really mean more than they think. so think of those little good deeds that are done every day, everywhere, and be so so so thankful for the kind souls that do them.  

read princessoftheuniverse‘s thankful thursday blog from today. it will make *you* incredibly thankful too, and make your heart grow at least three sizes.

download this:  “benedict arnold” by tent revival.  or as usual, click on the link to listen for free.  really amazing song with some of the prettiest cello-playing i’ve ever heard. (plus i sort of have a little crush on the cellist. he has long hair. yum.)

fave etsy item today:  simplify. henry david thoreau t-shirt.  by byrdcall. i want one of these. they’re SO cool.  


keep it simple, stupid.

keep it simple, stupid.



  1. I’m so happy you’re doing this!!

    And thank you for linking back to my blog!! Being thankful is catching on!!

    I also would like to join the peace corps. You don’t even know how much time I’ve spent lately thinking about it. It would mean giving Mocha to my mom. But, eh, I don’t know. We’ll see.

    Anyhow, I love you!!! And Lindsay, You should DEFINITLY steal the idea! And pass it on to someone else while you’re at it! 😉

  2. Oh, Oh, OH!!! And the best thing about writing posts like this is sometimes when you’re down, writing these can pull you out of those moods!

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