did i really just hear that?

i’m sitting on my couch with my afternoon cup of coffee watching a rerun of project runway.  i *love* this show, even though i’ve come late to the game. i find myself watching a lot more of the idiot box these days for some reason. i srsly used to only watch jeopardy, nbc’s thursday night lineup, the hills, and maybe some disney or travel channel thrown in here & there.   i don’t know what’s gotten into me.

(i have to interrupt here to say that diesel, who is cuddled up in “his” chair, just emitted a noise that souned like “mmmmrreOWarOWarOWarOWarOWwwww”.  not kidding. it lasted like seven seconds.)

okay, so back to project runway…i’m sitting here sipping my coffee, and i hear this designer guy says to his model, “oh this is a little tight, but we’ll just work with it.”

…tight?  tight?!  on a size 000 runway model?  SERIOUSLY?  

who was he designing this for? an anorexic five-year-old?

ugh. i really hate the whole stick-thin fashion thing. it pisses me off.  i have an eye for beauty. so obviously i love fashion. every time i see a beautiful dress or a shoe that is a work of art, it does something grand to my heart. i’m sorry if this sounds superficial, but that’s just how i am. i love a thing of beauty, and think that the world should be full of beautiful things.

i’ve always been a curvy gal. add to that the, er, extra padding that’s accumulated over almost seven years of marriage… i am most definitely NOT a supermodel. 

so my question is, why do designers only make their lovely, fabulous pieces in size tiny?  just because someone is larger, it certainly does not mean that they won’t make your design look absolutely fabulous. no matter what my self-esteem about my body is,  i know i’m a relatively good-looking person. i’m not hideous. don’t i deserve pretty clothes? hee.

but really, i feel like there aren’t enough fabulous designers that make nice, affordable clothes for us curvier gals.  and i don’t mean someone who is a curvy size 8 or 10. 

on that note, it always seems that the sizes that sell out first are the 10-16 range. wouldn’t you think this would be a red flag to the designers, or at least the people who shop for stores?  


i would *really* love to design gorgeous clothes for larger women. i can design, but the problem is that i have no clue how to sew. (although my hubster does. he has two sewing machines. and he said if i designed myself a dress he’d make it for me. how amazing is that?! i lurve him.)  i wonder how to go about that…maybe i’ll design something and try to sell it on etsy first…….

hmmm…someone, quick, tell me i can’t do it, and i’ll never succeed. then i’ll be extremely confident that i can, and do anything to make it happen. hee.

anyway, i really have to go to the library now. i’m supposed to be working on my term paper, which i haven’t even started yet.  

it’s due on friday.

what? i didn’t say anything…

download this:  “just a boy” AND “wasted”  by angus & julia stone.  they are a brother/sister duo from sydney, australia. they make great music. and they’re both absolutely gorgeous. “just a boy” lets you hear  angus’s smooth vox, and “wasted” gives you the jazz/blues-style voice of julia. click the link and check ’em out. 

today’s fave etsy item:  “it’s not me, it’s you” pillow by lbd340.  there are more cute pillows, some with other snarky sayings, and of course many other cute things in her shop. i highly recommend clicking on the link & checking out the unique awesome that is lbd340.

give your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend a pillow to cry on.

give your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend a pillow to cry on.




  1. Man Tiff, I have spent tons of time pondering the fashion issue. You see, I have this thing for designer jeans. I see them on other people and lament over the fact that I am without them. But, the reason why is (even though I’m a size 12, which i don’t really think is all that big) is that designer jeans don’t come in my size. It’s a major downer for me. So, I just buy jeans at old navy until I’m skinnier of jeans are bigger!

    1. I KNOW!!! designer jeans are such an obsession for me too. my friend chelsea has a pair from armani exchange, and they have embroidered wings on the back pockets. they’re beautiful. but b/c i have a hugh jass, no can do. lol.

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