things i love

the way my bottle of chanel chance looks like a diamond ring

a soulful song with some harmonica

putting my hair in a ponytail and decorating it with a flower or feather

cuddling with my dogs

coffee, of course

stretching luxuriously after sleeping in late

my big framed picture of katharine hepburn that willy bought me for christmas *without* me even hinting that i wanted it

being able to listen to music on myspace without having to download it

getting new dvd’s in the mail from blockbuster

new springy colors in nail polish 

my friends and family, more than i could ever tell them with words

the fact that foxycleopatra & i will be leaving for disney world in less than ten days!

this photo of my niece dressed as little bo peep for her school play, and the fact that she’s clutching the lamb webkin we gave her for christmas:

i have the most adorable niece in the whole wide world!

i have the most adorable niece in the whole wide world!


today’s fave etsy item:  i love anything to do with marie antoinette. i love reading about her and looking at paintings of her and all the absolute decadence… i love her so much that i even bought this book called doomed queens: royal women who met bad ends, from cleopatra to princess di.  there are so many cool marie-antoinette-inspired items on etsy, and i love this necklace, entitled “dahling. necklace.”

let them wear necklaces

let them wear necklaces

by  deciduoussoul.

now go forth and download this:   “you’re my thrill (album version)” by billie holiday. this is one of the world’s sexiest songs, and i’m in love with it. i listen to it daily, especially when writing.  you can click on her name and it’ll take you to the myspace site. just scroll down and click on the song.  



  1. What a fun idea for a post. I love that pic of K-Sizzle too. She is amazing. Sleeping beside me snoring currently, FYI. So cute!

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