thankful thursday

i’m taking a cue from my cuz & soul sister, princessoftheuniverse. each thursday, she blogs about what she is thankful for. there is so much to be thankful for in life. more often than not with me, it’s the smallest things that make me the happiest or most excited.  anyway, i’m extending the thankful thursday tradition to my own blog. 🙂

today, i’m thankful for finding new music. on friday night, we’re going to the pour house to see owen beverly. we discovered him (as well as the band crowfield)  a couple of months ago when we went to the music farm to see jay clifford, formerly of jump, little children. from the first strains of the first song owen beverly sang, i was in love. his voice & style are just so unique. so when i saw a few weeks ago that owen would be playing the pour house on march 27th, i immediately called foxycleopatra and the hubster and informed them of our plans for that night.  i found out that he was playing with two other artists: joel t. hamilton & some other band i don’t know of.  last night while i was doing homework, i looked up joel t. hamilton on itunes.  i knew i had heard of him and that he was a singer/songwriter from chucktown, but hadn’t heard any of his music.

as soon as i previewed his music, i bought the whole album (of course, the whole album consists of six songs).  so good. lurve him.  

now i am even *more* excited for the show tomorrow night.  i love finding new music. and i love hearing live music even more. especially in a smaller, more intimate venue.  super especially when it’s an amazing local artist we are supporting. 🙂

for your giggling pleasure, a joke that one of foxycleopatra’s students told her today:  who is the God of dairy?

wait for it………

CHEESE-US!  heehee.

in the spirit of supporting local art (& because i said so), download this:

“keep hope alive” by joel t. hamilton.  or, as usual, click on his name, go to his myspace, and listen to it.  it’s important that you listen to that song first. don’t ask me why, it just is. 

fave etsy find:   today, while watching andrew zimmern sample parisian fare on bizarre foods, i thought about how much i love the name Gaspard.  and then, lo & behold, i found this little guy on etsy!  kismet, i tell you.


i'd go out with him.

i'd go out with him.

Gaspard E. Pinopine

by ninon .  there are a million cute things in this shop. i highly recommend visiting!  just click on gaspard’s name to go to ninon’s shop!


One comment

  1. This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I started blogging. I LOVE YOU!

    I’m currently working on downloading your music suggestions. I love new music suggestions!

    xoxo! – princessoftheuniverse

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