i’m 28 years old. i can remember making a birthday card for my mom’s 28th birthday. no kidding. 

i thought the new chapter of my storyinprogress was sorta choppy, so i asked the hubster to read it. he fell asleep in the middle of it.  obviously, it needs a rewrite. 

i have to go up a cup size. i hate my boobs.

i have a huge stack of books i’ve purchased over the last few months that i have yet to read. i keep reading fanfic and leaving those books by the wayside. yeesh. when did i turn into such a nerd?

to add to that nerd thing, the last time we went to the movies, there was a preview for the new star trek movie. i breathed, “i WANT TO SEE that” in awe.  i’ve *never* seen a star trek movie. never really had a desire to. (i will admit that part of the reason i want to see it is b/c the lead actor, who is apparently the son of captain kirk or whatev, is a hottie.)

i actually love my bridesmaid’s dress. even though i cringed when i heard it was going to be halter-style, it’s extremely flattering. i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived last friday. 

i’m reallyreallyreally excited about majoring in art.  but i also feel selfish for doing so.  i feel like maybe i should be doing something to contribute to the bettering of society. like……….environmental studies or something.  sigh. 

life is such an amazing series of mysteries and epiphanies. i love it.


download this:   crossbones style by cat power. or click on her name and listen to it for free on myspace.

fave etsy item today: 


i could scarcely believe it myself...

i could scarcely believe it myself...

Chin Wag–Limited Edition Print by Dotty Lotty.  (visit her shop by clicking on her name.)



  1. I am a huge cat power fan. Good girl.

    Don’t feel guilty for majoring in art. It is an amazing thing to do for our society to study art. I want you to go buy a book and devote yourself to reading it. “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink. It will help you deal with that guilt. It explores the idea that in a world where computers can do so many things humans used to, it is the creative brain that will emerge as the most necessart in the job market in this century. It will help you. I make all my art student friends read it!

    I’d really like to read your memoirs. I have a version of mine that is obviously a work in progress. But, my best friend died when he was 26, and he had a memoir of sorts. I thought it might be kind of cool to leave something behind. I have my blog, but this is more personal.

    Whose wedding?

    1. kt, you always make me feel better about things. 🙂 i love you! i will most definitely get that book–it sounds fascinating. i’m bumping it up to the top of my reading list. the wedding is a good friend that i worked with a coldwell banker. and you’ve inspired me to actually write my memoirs now, b/c when i mentioned it to willy & told him i’ve actually been through a lot in my shortish life, he gave me a funny look and said, “like what?” !!! that sealed the deal. i’m starting this weekend.

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