never leave home without a list

i’ve always been addicted to lists.  from the time i could write, i’ve been a listmaker.

i always always have a daily to-do list.  i’m addicted to to-do notepads, like this one  that i got from a couple of years ago.  they have *amazing* things there.   when we were little, foxycleopatra (the sis, remember?)  & i started making our packing lists weeks before we’d leave on vacation (we even made these lists for overnight stays).  so i also have this one. it’s awesome, but not as cool as making your own personalized list.  plus, there’s no room for planning outfits! so i still do that on top of using it. (are you starting to realize that i have many ocd tendencies?)

imagine my delight (read: manic excitement) when i was sitting in my eye doctor’s waiting room last year reading a magazine, and found an article about a new book called Listography.  it took me forever to actually get my hands on a copy of the book, b/c people were buying it faster than they could print the thing!  i looked allllll over the interwebz.  i ended up happening upon it at urban outfitters during a downtown outing one particularly lovely day last year.

to satiate my obsessive-compulsive need for lists while waiting for the book to make its grand reappearance in stores, i discovered that the writers of it had started  !!!  i was even *more* ecstatic!  upon visiting the site, i decided that now my life was complete.  i had a great family, wonderful friends, the best hubby i could ask for, three cute (if not mildly retarded) dogs, a sense of humor, dior sunglasses, a nice house, AND NOW THIS?!  endless were the possibilities.  not only could you make your very own lists about whichever topic you so chose,  but if you weren’t feeling particularly inspired, you could click this magical button that said:  “generate list topic”.  so good.  like the heroine of the ocd world.  (heh….my own personal brand of heroine…if you get that reference, you are win.)

my original goal in posting this was just to share my listography page with you.  i used to visit it everysingleday, but i don’t visit it as often these days. so when i clicked on my “favorites” and decided to go to listography, i got excited all over again and decided i needed to share.  if you, too, love the organization of a beautiful series of bulleted words and phrases, i highly suggest you get a listography page.  they are win.

along with posting my fave etsy item each post, i’ve decided i’m also going to have a “download this” suggestion. don’t dismiss them. i am world-renowned for my musical taste.  😉

download this:  “ruined” by owen beverly.  or just click on the link & visit his myspace & listen to it. 

p.s. wow, there are a lot of links in this post.  this should keep you busy for hours…or minutes. you’re welcome.

here’s one of my fave etsy finds ever, by linocutboy. you can visit his shop by clicking on the image.

hee. that's me alright.

hee. that's me alright.



  1. I love your list page!!! I too have a list obsession (go figure). But, it just makes me feel so much more calm and happy when things are organized and bulleted in order of importance on a new sheet of paper…

  2. Oh listography! It’s been so long since I’ve been on there…my sharpies were too sad and I went back to old fashion paper, magical site non the less!

    p.s. I make packing lists as well, when my list obsession was at it’s worst I would draw the outfits as well, and if my illustration wasn’t up to par, I had to start over. 🙂

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