i love etsy. it’s the best website in the whole world. i could spend hours just browsing through everything. 

how cool is this necklace?


i think i’m going to start including my daily favorite item from etsy with each post. srsly, if you’ve never been to, do it now.  i’ve bought such awesome handmade things–artwork, jewelry, hairbands/flowers…. you can find anything. it’s especially fun to browse the vintage category and see what treasures you can find. 

my sis (who, by the way, has requested that her code name on this blog be “cleopatra”) is quite fond of buying vintage items from etsy.  then when people tell her how cute said item is and ask where she got it…..

“this? oh, IT’S VINTAGE.”

it’s her favorite thing to say.


ETA:  i just found out that rosie o’donnell has her very own shop on etsy. how cool is that? not that i’m a huge fan of hers, but still, i think it’s very cool.



  1. yeah. i need to get more stuff because people don’t ask much about my necklaces anymore, leaving it difficult for me to say “it’s vintage.” but i have gotten into the habit of buying vintage items as gifts for others, so that’s a fun time to say it as well. although i’m always worried that someone will think that means used and not understand the beauty that is vintage fashion.

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